Notes to the Contributors


Thank you for agreeing to write/submit an article for/to JTTR – our unique online journal from Adnan Menderes University. Please take a moment to read over these notes which will assist you in the preparation of your article. Articles may be submitted by Dergipark ( in MS Word for Windows.

Authors should submit their manuscripts for refereeing as complete manuscripts, with figures, tables and structural formulae. The publishers reserve the right to adjust the position of tables, figures, formulae and photographs to ensure page economy.

Two reviewers, who are recognized in the appropriate field will be requested to review the work. For submissions that are sent to referees, we try to complete the evaluation process within two months. We do notaccept double submissions, submissions of previously published work, or ‘data slicing’ – that is, articles that represent only marginal progress from the authors’ earlier work. The editorial evaluation process is so time-consuming that we cannot set it in motion until we are sure that a manuscript presents new research and is seriously intended for JTTR

We will occasionally accept articles which are extracts from or summaries of books published at about the same time, and articles which have appeared in other languages (Turkish). However, these are borderline cases, and authors should call our attention to such situations when they occur.